“You Lookin’ at me?”

SOLD. “You lookin’ at me?” Painted November 2022.  16”x12”.  Acrylic on stretched Canvas.

Growing up on a ranch you are aware that animals aren’t all fluffy pets and need to be treated with respect.  Certain parts of our barnyard were particularly unnerving because of a couple of unholy roosters that got immense pleasure in terrorizing us children.  They would lurk around barn corners and sneak up on you when your back was turned.  With a strike that was both silent and deadly, they ruled their domain.  It wasn’t until I was big enough that I could use my oversized gumboots to ward off their attacks that I was able to do my chores without a constant sense of dread.  

Probably as a means of processing all this poultry induced childhood trauma, I really enjoy painting chickens and roosters.  In this painting I wanted to capture that alert look that a free-range chicken gives you when you cross its path.  I’m certain that they are doing a careful risk assessment and trying to determine if you are friend or foe.  I love how the bright colours of the rooster standout from the muted colours of the barnyard.  I think this painting will look great hanging on a kitchen wall!  

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