Brian's Exploration in Art

Retirement has provided me with an opportunity to explore my creative side.  I’ve always enjoyed creative pursuits, but I never took the time to really exercise my artistic muscles.  That’s all changed and I am letting my inner artist run free now.  This Blog is a record of my work as it progresses where I try to explain a bit about each painting and the process involved in its creation.  I’ve found that generally the paintings I like the most have a background story that resonates with me.  I’ll do my best to describe each story as I go.  

I’ve noticed a marked improvement as I get more experience with the paint brush and acrylic paints, but I am still early on this path of exploration.  I hope to hit my 100th painting sometime in 2024 and, hopefully by summer 2024, I will be ready to open my gallery at Twin Eagles Bluff. 


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“Sunsets last embrace.”

Painted on February 4, 2024.  10” x 10”.  Acrylic on cradled wood panel. Taking the ferry from qathet, heading South to Vancouver, always leaves me with a

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“I will wait.”

“I will wait.”  Painted March 2023.  12”x12”.  Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. I’ve been ruminating on the idea of patience lately.  Entanglements have been slow to untangle. Expectations that seemed

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“You Lookin’ at me?”

SOLD. “You lookin’ at me?” Painted November 2022.  16”x12”.  Acrylic on stretched Canvas. Growing up on a ranch you are aware that animals aren’t all fluffy pets

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“Time is on my side.”

“Time is on my side.” Painted November 2022.  16”x16”.  Acrylic on stretched Canvas. This is the third painting in my series about coastal birds.  The Great Blue Heron

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“A Grand Entrance.”

“A Grand Entrance.” Painted November 2022.  20”x16”.  Acrylic on stretched Canvas. About a ten minute drive South of the family ranch is a small gem of a

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“Surfing the Sou-easter.”

“Surfing the Sou-easter.” Painted November 2022.  16”x20”.  Acrylic on stretched Canvas. I’m working on a series about wild birds that frequent our home on Twin Eagles Bluff.  For

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“Into Darkness Peering.”

“Into Darkness Peering.” Painted November 2022.  16”x16”.  Acrylic on stretched Canvas. Ravens visit our stretch of the coast each year, usually when the Eagles are

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“When the morning comes.”

SOLD. “When the morning comes.” Painted October 2022.  16”x20”.  Acrylic on stretched Canvas. Back in the winter of 2018, I spent several weeks in Southern Alberta with

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“Pup”. 10″x10″. Acrylic on Cradled Wood Panel. Painted October 2022. Seemed like time to do another dog painting. My usual approach is to do a

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